CLIMA TECH Air conditioners GmbH, headquartered in Grunbach - Austria, specializes in development and manufacturing of technology based air-handling units and related high quality components for the hygiene, climate and clean room applications. These are usually installed in the high sterile areas such as the OT rooms in hospitals, procedure technical plants, pharmaceutical clean rooms, electronic clean rooms, foodstuff production, universities, power plants and industrial projects.

Zamil Air Conditioners acquired Clima Tech Air conditioners GmbH in the year 1998, its first business entity out of Saudi Arabia. The acquisition followed successful business alliances between the two companies on a number of projects since 1986.

One of the most prestigious projects jointly carried out by Zamil Air Conditioners and Clima Tech is the supply of air handling units to the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia - one of the largest air conditioning projects in the world.

Clima Tech is a 35-year old company and its experience in its line of business places it among the most reputed names in Europe.

Clima Tech products are sold in Austria through company’s own staff and are supported by a network of business partners in other European countries, Middle East and Asia.