Geoclima Projects

Trade Center “Semenovsky”
Air-cooling chiller with aerofoil fans with «Free Cooling» feature (GFC), air-cooling chiller with aerofoil fans (GHA). GHA models (2 pieces) with a capacity of 485 kW, GFC (2 pieces) with a capacity of 485 kW.
Installation place: Moscow
Ostankinsky milk processing factory
Air-cooling condensers chiller with screw compressor.
GHA B 290/ 22/РU (1+1 pump 500 Kpa – with inbuilt pumping group with high external reference pressure).
Installation place: Moscow
Draft - Aviamotornaya,
Model TMA FC 1200 kW, TMA FC 1300 kW.
Installation place: Moscow
Draft - Shopping mall, Volgograd
Models GHA (2 pc.)
Installation place: Volgograd
Capacities are based, [kW]: 800
11 sites "Sportbase - Ice Arena”
Low temperature chillers, air cooled, with a "free chill” mode
Model GFC (11 pcs.) capacity of 400 kW.
Installation place: Moscow, Novogorsk, Orenburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Magadan, Cornel, Bryansk, etc. Capacities are based, [kW]: 400
Meat factory “King-meat ", Bryansk
The project is under the "key" cold and ventilation, automation and control. The low-temperature condensing units (-30 deg C, -20, -10 deg C).Air freezers.
Model GSA (3 pcs.) Capacity from 90 to 340 kW, VSA (2 pcs.) Capacity of 15 and 70 kW and 46 air coolers freezers: 1 x GSA-B 3160/04/BT/Sp - 340 kW, 1 x GSA-B 250/22/BT/Sp - 90 kW, 1 x GSA-B 235/22/BT/Sp - 120 kW, 1 x VSA B 219-22 Sp - 70 kW, 1 x VSA B 109-22 Sp - 15 kW, 46 x Cold room aircoolers.
Installation place: Bryansk