AC Plant Price in India

  • Fully integrated, State of the art facility with more than 300,000 sq. ft. area.
  • Capacity to produce over 100,000 units of Room Airconditioners and Split units.
    • Heat Exchanger Manufacturing facility :
      • For manufacturing of Conventional Fin - Tube Type Condenser and Evaporator Coils employing 7 mm and 7.94 mm tube.
      • Fin Press
      • Expanders
      • Automatic Brazing Machines
    • Cross Flow Fan Manufacturing Facility
    • Plastic Molding Facility with Own Moulds
    • Fully Automated Paint shops
      • One with Spray Pre Treatment and other with Dip Pre-treatment and 2 automatic Spray guns of ITW Gama, Switzerland having a speed of 2.8 meter/ min.
      • The 7 stages powder coating equipment with stringent quality process ensures durability of the products suitable for usage even at the most corrosive of atmosphere.
    • Design and development facility: The lab is equipped with the latest test and design facilities and backed by superior technology and innovation. Premium air conditioning solutions are offered to customers with a minimum lead time.

The second plant compliments the first one and has following manufacturing facilities.

  • MCHX Technology:
  • Pioneer in the country to introduce the technology and successfully incorporating in AC units manufactured by us.
  • The MCHX coil presents many advantages over conventional coil e.g.
    • Reduced refrigerant makes it environmental friendly
    • Leads to Higher efficiency hence better EER.
    • Results in reduction in overall size the unit
    • Recyclable
  • The machine set up for manufacturing MCHX Coils consists of mainly Dry Oven, Fin Mill, Auto Core Builder, Semi Core Builder and Helium Leak Test apparatus. The manufactured components are passed through rigorous tests before being actually employed in the products so result in zero failure at consumer end.
  • Press Shop : In-house Press Shop to meet all sheet metal. Press Shop has 18 Mechanical presses of various capacities ranging from 25 Tons to 400 Tons.
  • Automatic ODU assembly line with CTR and vacuum testing facility.