Cut your cooling energy cost in half

The multi-award winning Turbomiser chiller is available in three versions: Turbomiser 1, 2 and Turbomiser with Adiabatic Technology – each more efficient than the last.


  • Data centers
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Retail stores

Why Turbomiser?

Energy prices are rising. Running air conditioning in buildings will become increasingly expensive. The Carbon Reduction Commitment, effectively a tax on high energy use, is now in operation. For businesses that depend on cooling, this is a major financial exposure.

The Turbomiser chiller is a new type of high-efficiency chiller that can cut your cooling energy bill and associated carbon footprint in half. The savings start on day one. And keep going, year after year, throughout the life of the plant.

Award-winning technology

The Turbomiser is based on award-winning technology that dramatically cuts energy use. It is the winner of CIBSE’s most prestigious technology award, for Low Carbon Innovation 2010. It is based on the ground-breaking Danfoss Turbocor compressor, a compact centrifugal compressor based on virtually frictionless magnetic bearings.
As well as its ultra efficient performance, the Turbomiser improves comfort levels and productivity in buildings due to its advanced design and stepless control.
And with its oil-less magnetic bearings, service and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.

Turbomiser gives you:

  • Lower running costs
  • Lower servicing costs
  • Improved comfort and reliability

Major companies use Turbomiser

Leading companies and organisations use Turbomiser to cut their building energy consumption, carbon footprint and running costs, and to improve comfort conditions. These include Hilton Hotels, Lloyds Bank, Ladbrokes, the MoD and Skandia, to name a few.
Their experience has proven that Turbomiser delivers serious and sustained savings in running costs and provides a high quality environment for customers, staff and temperature dependent equipment.

Turbomiser options

There are three Turbomiser options to choose from, all available in capacities up to 2.0MW. Each delivers increasing levels of efficiency compared with traditional reciprocating and screw-based chillers:
Turbomiser 1: around 30 percent more efficient
Turbomiser 2: around 40 percent more efficient
Turbomiser with Adiabatic Technology: around 50 percent more efficient

The original Turbomiser design is proven and in use in hundreds of buildings across the UK. Based on the pioneering Danfoss Turbocor compressor,with virtually friction-free magnetic bearings, it takes the technology a major step forward by combining:

  • Inverter-controlled Turbocor compressors
  • Micro-channel aluminium condensers
  • Total immersion evaporators
  • High efficiency EC fans
  • Integrated control system

It delivers energy savings of around 30 percent compared with conventional reciprocating and screw chillers.

In Summary Turbomiser 1 offers:

  • Energy savings up to 30 percent.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Rapid payback – often in less than a year.
  • Improved comfort and productivity in your building.
  • Low start-up current – just 5 Amps.
  • Exceptionally quiet operation.
  • Reduced refrigerant leak risk due to fewer joints.


The Turbomiser with Adiabatic Technology takes the Turbomiser 2 to the next level, by adding an innovative actively-managed evaporative system, giving the chiller an unmatched "adiabatic advantage".

How it works

The evaporative system is mounted on the face of condensers coils and fed by nebulised and UV-sanitised water, overcoming risks of Legionnaires disease. This is absorbed by a porous natural-fibre honeycomb array in the direct air path of the coils.

The adiabatic cooling effectively reduces ambient temperatures in the immediate vicinity of coils by up to 8'C, lowering condensing temperatures and significantly improving the chiller’s energy performance.

The adiabatic advantage also increases chiller capacity at peak load conditions, enabling it to cope with high ambients that might otherwise overwhelm a standard chiller.

The system can be set to activate automatically at a pre-determined external temperature

Combining the LPA and Adiabatic Advanatage technology improves the Efficiency of the chiller at both low and high ambients, ensuring class-leading performance in all conditions and seasons throughout the year. Water consumption is low. In UK conditions, £600 worth of water a year results in energy savings worth some £8000.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits of Turbomiser 1 and Turbomiser 2, Turbomiser with Adiabatic Technology offers:

  • Efficiency improved by a further 10 percent to approximately 50 percent.
  • Extended chiller capacity at peak load, enabling it to cope with extreme ambients that would defeat other chillers.

What the three Turbomiser options offer

Technical features
Turbomiser 1
Turbomiser 2
Turbomiser with Adiabatic Technology
Inverter-controlled Turbocor compressors
Micro-channel aluminum condensers
Total immersion / high efficiency evaporators
High efficiency EC fans
Integrated control system
LPA Pump
Adiabatic evaporative system
Energy savings
Up to 30%
Up to 40%
Up to 50%
Reduced maintenance costs
Rapid payback – often in less than a year
Improved comfort and productivity for your building
Low start-up current – just 5 Amps
Exceptionally quiet operation
Reduced refrigerant leak risk due to fewer joints
Extended working life due to reduced compressor run-time
Payback time further reduced

Turbomiser is the result of a five year collaboration programme between UK chiller specialists Cool-Therm and Klima-Therm. They have harnessed their collective expertise and knowledge to produce this award-winning technology that is proven to deliver.

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