Zamil Air Conditioner

Zamil Air-conditioners (ZAC)was established as the first Air-conditioning company in Saudi Arabia in 1974, and is today a leading international player in the HVAC industry. It has 6 Business units;
1. Consumer Division 
2. Unitary & Applied (U&A) Division
3. Coolcare Division 
4. Building & Automation Division 
5. Geoclima
6. Zamil Air-conditioners - India

While the first 4 are based and operate out of Dammam, Geoclima is based in Monfalcone, Italy and Zamil Air-conditioners, India, has its Head office in New Delhi.
The Consumer and U&A divisions Design, Manufacture, Test, and Market a comprehensive range of air-conditioning products from Compact room air-conditioners and Mini-splits to large scale central air-conditioners, chillers, Air-handling units for highly specialized and commercial applications. Its products are marketed under various brand names and have a wide foot-print covering GCC, Middle East, MENA, North Africa, Europe and Asia.

The products meet stringent National / International certification needs and have performed in the region’s harshest weather conditions leaving their mark on major landmark projects.
Coolcare provides engineering, management, retrofit, after-sales services, HVAC Maintenance and replacement of parts.The Building and Automation division Provides complete HVAC ,PHE ,FF and Security Access Control systems; and Geoclima has independent operations in Italy supporting other Group-BU’s on their Chiller and Double-skin air-handling unit needs.ZAC also produces air-conditioners for various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and operates a JV with General Electric (GE) in the name of Middle East Air-conditioner (MEAC).
ZAC’s Turnover for the period ended December 31, 2013 was Saudi Riyal2.20 Bn (USD 586 Mn).
Zamil Air-conditioners acquired an AC manufacturing company in India and owns it 100% today. It exists in the name of Zamil Air-conditioners – India Pvt. Ltd. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZAC – Saudi Arabia, and works on its behalf. Apart from catering to domestic market needs, ZAC- India also supports ZAC – Saudi on supply of parts / components. ZAC – India is fully equipped to manufacture HVAC products for domestic and commercial purposes with support from ZAC – Saudi. Zamil Air-conditioners India Pvt. Ltd.  provide complete HVAC ,Plumbing & Fire fighting solutions on turnkey basis .ZAC India team is fully equipped in handling Supply ,Installation ,Testing & commissioning of large HVAC ,PHE & FF projects for all kind of applications .As and when required they are fully supported by ZAC offices in Saudi  Arabia ,Italy ,Dubai etc .
The operations of Zamil Air-conditioners- India are managed by the Board of Directors which consists of senior management executives from ZAC – Saudi Arabia.